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The Academy

Academy Squads

Our academy squads are the perfect program for players that have big goals in football. The program focuses on developing players holistically, touching on the technical, tactical and physical aspects of the game to ensure that players get to their next level. The program involves one training per week, as well as representing Vision in competitive matches and tournaments that we may enter in the future. This is complimentary to their club football. 

By joining, players will receive:

  • 1 training per week

  • Opportunity to represent Vision in future matches and tournaments

  • Discounted rate on the VF training kit

  • 10% off on any additional private training with VF

WHEN: Fridays during the school term

LOCATION: Wellington Sportsground, East Lindfield


NOTE: This program is only open to NPL, Super League, Diamond League and SAP players. If you do not fit this criteria please see our other programs below.

Academy Development

The Academy Development program has been designed for the players that have big goals, but have not yet developed the fundamental skills required to compete at the academy level. Our goal is for this program to act as a pathway for players into our academy squads. We see players for what they can become.

By joining, players will receive:

  • 1 x training per week (with our experienced and qualified coaches)

  • Discounted rate on the VF training kit

  • 10% off on any additional private training with VF

WHEN: Fridays during Term 1

LOCATION: Wellington Sportsground, East Lindfield


This program is open to any player with the right attitude that is ready to work hard in order to reach their footballing goals.

Future Stars Program

Our Future Stars program has one goal: instil the same love that we have for the game into the players that we coach.


This pre-academy program, designed for Under 6s, 7s and 8s, will focus on growing the players' love for the game, while also developing their gross motor skills and basic technical skills, in a fun and joyful environment.

Young players need to enjoy what they do - otherwise they will simply give it up as soon as they have some autonomy over the activities they participate in. 

We want to create a positive and joyful environment - that will give young children a place to not only learn to love the game, but also to develop long-lasting friendships and memories that they will remember for years to come.



WHEN: Fridays during the school term

WHERE: Wellington Sportsground, East Lindfield

Elite Holiday Clinics

Our Elite Holiday Clinics are the holiday camp alternative for the higher level players looking to experience an intense and competitive holiday camp environment. This program is designed for SAP, Super League, Diamond League and NPL players.

Why elite clinics?

  • NPL and Super League experienced coaches

  • Intense and competitive training environment

  • Focus on technical, physical and tactical aspects of the game

  • Improve and develop while other players take the holiday period off


LOCATION: Wellington Sportsground, East Lindfield 

COST: $6O per day (10% off full 2-day bookings)

The Technique Project

Technique is something that needs to be nurtured consistently over time. Through touches on the ball, players are able to develop their technical foundations - which are the pillars through which average players become good, and good players become great.


Over our time as players and coaches, we have come to the realisation that the two to three weekly team trainings are simply just not enough. The touches on the ball players get there are not sufficient.


Thus, we have created the Technique Project: weekly group training sessions focused simply on technique.


With 10 sessions per term, players who partake in the program will have 40 more hours of individual training (by the end of the year) than someone who only trains with their team. And the touches on the ball? Countless.

By joining, players will receive:

  • 1 training per week with an experienced and qualified VF Coach

  • Vision Football training kit




  • U9+

COST: $250 term fee

The individual focus of the program allows for players of all levels to train together - and therefore everyone is welcome to register.

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