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All you need is a ball and a wall. Oh, and the desire to improve!

We know sometimes your mates don't feel like training, but that can't be an obstacle that stops you. Your goals are only yours so go and get that session in, even if it's by yourself.

Find a wall (at a park, in your garage etc.), have a look at the session below, and incorporate it into your training program at least once per week. I recommend doing various 1 -minute sets of each drill, however adjust them yourself according to the amount of time you have to train. Remember, training, for any amount of time, is better than not training at all. And tell your friends to stop skipping sessions!


Juggling is such a simple, yet effective exercise to work on your aerial first touch. I understand that juggling on its own can be tedious - so mix it up! Try different types of juggling - maybe every 10 juggles kick it up in the air and try to control it - or simply try to master the 'Maradona 7'. Anyhow, the point of this first drill is to be creative and push yourself to deal with the ball in the air. The more you test yourself here, the better you'll get. Spend around 10 - 15 minutes after your warm up juggling and please remember: TEST yourself.


Wall juggling is the perfect way to progress from the earlier 'normal' juggling. Simply get a ball, and keep the ball up with a wall. Try various techniques (laces, side of the foot) and play with different rules. I suggest you start with unlimited touches for a couple of sets (until you drop the ball), then go into a strict two touch (control, volley) and then move into one touch. From there you can further progress it by alternating feet every time the ball comes back at you, and so on. The possibilities are endless with this one.


Another super simple, yet effective drill - the wall bounce passes are always a part of my individual training. They are the perfect way to sharpen your first-time passing and force you to get rid of any bobble on your pass. I recommend you do 30 with the right (from a fairly short distance) and then 30 with the left straight after. When you start to go through sets without mistakes, increase the distance.


This drill will allow you to work on your first touch in a (somewhat) game -realistic way. What it incorporates is playing the ball into a wall, and moving the ball to the left/right with your first touch. Then, play the ball back into the wall and move it back the other way again. Ensure that the ball speed is sharp. I like to do 2 sets per variation, taking touches with the back foot, the front foot, and the outside of the foot. That's 6 sets in total. The length of each set is up to you.


Finally, we move into turning with the ball. As footballers we must be able to turn with the ball, regardless of position. This drill is simple and its sole focus is to get repetitions in. All you need to do is fire the ball into the wall, and look to turn on it sharply, keeping the ball close and being able to face forward with full control. Try to receive with an open body shape, on the half turn (this means for your body not to be directly facing the wall, but rather already be half turned in the direction you want to go.).

The best players in world football have mastered the first touch and are able to pass the ball with a clean, almost perfect technique. There's nothing stopping you from getting there. Go out and get the reps in. And don't forget to warm up and to cool down before and after your session!

Thanks for supporting our blog, and I hope this helped!


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