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We have heard (from some of the young players we coach) that watching football is 'boring' and takes too long. This needs to change. NOW!

While watching a full match does take 90 minutes, there are countless benefits to it if you watch with purpose. Football is the same game - whether you play at the top level or whether you play for your local team, and game analysis is simply about finding the existing similarities and seeing how you can incorporate the things that the 'Pros' do into your own game.

Take me as an example. I, myself being a centre back as well as an Arsenal (TOP OF THE LEAGUE!) fan , almost always when watching the matches, focus on what Saliba and Gabriel (mostly Saliba) do in situations that I find myself in in my own games. Whether that be how they respond to pressure from strikers, or where they position themselves before a ball is crossed in - it's all very helpful and applicable to my own football. Another one I used to like to watch and analyse was Virgil van Dijk. You can do the same, as there is a vast amount of players in every league in the world that you can learn from. Striker? Watch Haaland. Central midfielder? Busquets and Thiago. Winger? Mbappe. So many to choose from!

I understand that you, depending on your commitments, may not have the time to sit and watch a full 90 minute game. But we can always work around that. There are plenty of YouTube channels that offer short analysis videos on various players around the world. They will point out the things that you need to focus on and show the player in focus doing them - as well as pointing out things they could potentially do better. In the coming weeks, I will be going through each position and listing things that players that play that position need to look at when analysing a pro's game, or even their own game. But don't wait for us, get started! Check out the video below (especially if you are a central midfielder) and start learning.

Like always, thanks for supporting our blog. I hoped you learnt something and please feel free to send us a DM on our Instagram to tell us any topics you'd like covered. Until next time!


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